Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday I left work early to watch Baylor play in the NIT Championship game (I won't even comment on the disappointment). I talked to Drew that afternoon and made plans to drive over to his house to watch the game. He gave me directions to where he lives on Reed campus. As I'm driving that way, I reach into my purse to make a quick phone call. I pull out a wallet, chapstick and an ipod... but no phone. I start to panic. Then it hits me: I left my phone on my desk at the office! Noooooo! My life is over; I'm completely lost and have no connection to the outer world! Hold on; take a deep breath. You can do this! Just keep driving to Drew's place. So I reach into my bag and pull out a napkin, a receipt and a ticket stub... but no directions. I begin hyperventilating. I realize that I left the directions to Drew's house stuck to my desk. I really am completely lost with no connection to the outer world. But I tell myself again, You can do this! I somehow find my way onto the Reed campus and to the dorm where Drew lives as the Resident Director. But I don't know exactly where he lives and I can't call to ask. So I casually hang around the dorm area waiting for a student to walk by. A young, akward college guy strolls up. Hey, you live here? Yeah, why do you ask? I tell him my delima and he points me in the direction of Drew's room. I am so proud of myself for blindly finding the way to my destination.

All this to say, I made it through a night without a cell phone. But seriously, how did people survive before the days of cell phones?!


  1. For real!!! Good thing I didn't try to call you that night. You know me...I probably would've freaked out - Just kidding!

  2. That is like a bad dream -- being lost without any way to seek help. Glad it worked out.