Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grace!

This past weekend was wonderful thanks to the glorious weather! Friday evening, my roommate Kathy and I went for a bike ride. This was my first time to bike around Portland and I'm addicted! I also enjoyed the outdoors this weekend by going for a run (even though I bit it on the sidewalk and now have a banged up knee, leg and hands), reading in my front yard, sitting on a blanket in the Laurelhurst park with some friends (and about 100 other people), and driving around with the windows down.

Saturday night was our friend Grace's birthday. Tarah bought her a lifesize cutout of Edward, a character from the hit Twilight series (a vampire romance story which everyone seems addicted to but I refuse to read). Here are some pictures of us (and Edward) celebrating Grace's birthday at La Carreta (a somewhat decent Mexican restaurant).

from left to right: Kathy, Grace, Mary (remember me?), Jennifer, Tarah, local guitarist

me, Grace, creepy Edward, friendly waiter, Kathy, Tarah, Jennifer

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  1. Loved seeing the pics of you and your friends. It makes me miss you!!!