Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

He is risen! Yesterday was a wonderful Easter. I went to the early church service at Imago (which was quite peppy) and then had a wonderful Easter lunch with the Moores. Maegan and Madison suprised the family by flying in for the weekend and my friend Drew (another out-of-stater) joined us for the holiday. We all enjoyed great conversation a tasty meal with ham, potatoes, asparagus, salad, rolls and delicious Texas sheet cake for Steve's birthday. Then Drew and I headed over to hang out (and eat some more ham, potatoes and rolls) with some people from our home community group. We ended up playing an intense board game called Vegas Showdown and hanging out for a long time, so by the time I finally got home I was exhausted. It was a great Easter holiday with a special group of people.

I decided to get a little creative with a homemade Easter dessert this year. I made chocolate eggs (not chocolate-covered eggs) by using balloons as a mold (and no we did not eat the balloons). So you blow up a balloon about half way and dip it in melted chocolate. The key is to let the chocolate cool a little before dipping the blown up balloon in it - for we all know that balloons and heat do not go well together. Apparently I didn't let the chocolate cool enough when I dipped the first balloon. So I completed coated it in chocolate, set it on a pan to cool and... pop! Chocolate all over the me, my white jacket and the kitchen. I filled the chocolate eggs with peanut butter mousse and whipped cream. I spent the entire day in the kitchen so this is probably the last time I will attempt making these special treats.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of work, but they look really pretty, and I bet they were good! Wish I had one...I miss your cooking